Horsell Common welcomes considerate cyclists. As tracks and paths are generally not surfaced and can be very muddy, particularly during winter, the Common is not generally suitable for road bikes.

Code of good conduct

  • Please stick to the wide tracks and trails and do not cross heathland areas, which provide important habitat for ground nesting birds
  • Always give way to pedestrians, dog walkers and horses
  • Ride with care and consideration for others – remember, some dogs and horses may be frightened by cyclists
  • Wear hi–vis clothing so that horse riders, pedestrians and dog walkers can see you approaching
  • Slow down to a walk when approaching dogs, horses or when riding in areas of high pedestrian use
  • Thank dog owners for keeping their dogs under control as you pass

Mountain bike track

In partnership with local cycling groups we hope to develop a bespoke mountain bike track during 2016, to be accessed from the Heather Farm car park. Please watch this space for further developments.