Horse Riding

Horse riders are welcome across Horsell Common’s 916 acres of land, and we have many frequently used popular horse riding routes. We ask that horse riders refrain from riding on easy access paths (the Bedser Trail, at Heather Farm, and the H G Wells Path) as these have specially constructed smooth surfaces.

Code of good conduct

There have been a number of incidents recently involving dog owners and horse riders. All users of the Common have a shared responsibility to ensure the safety of themselves and others wishing to enjoy the countryside. Everyone has a right to access Horsell Common, whether on foot or on horseback, but they should always be in control of their animals and respect the rights of others. We all enjoy the freedom of the countryside but need to be aware that safety must come first. Both horses and dogs need to be under control.

  • Ride with care and consideration for others – remember, some people and dogs are frightened by horses
  • Wear hi–vis clothing so that dog walkers can see you approaching
  • Slow down to a walk when approaching dogs or when riding in areas of high pedestrian use
  • Call out to alert walkers to your presence
  • Thank dog owners for keeping their dogs under control as you pass
  • Keep to the main riding routes

Please remember you are responsible for the actions of your horse and you must be able to maintain full control at all times. Inability to do so may result in a criminal prosecution being brought against you.