Riverside walk


Start from outside the Plough. Cross South Road and walk down the track to Appletree Cottage take the path directly in front. After entering the Common turn left, keeping left until you reach the end house take the path on the right to Horsell Common Road.

Dog-leg left across the road to Viggory Lane, continue until the second lamp post and just after turn right by the telephone pole and take the footpath through the trees to Littlewick Road. Cross the road at the Viggory Ditch.

Enter Grasslands through the kissing gate. After the kissing gate move straight into the common and then turn right keeping the bulk of the open heath on your left hand side. Turn right at the main Grasslands perimeter track past a pair of houses. Through the “horse gates” and cross the drive onto the path running alongside the Viggory ditch to your left. Follow this path until it meets the Chobham Road proceed left towards Chobham, and cross the river and the road at Mimbridge.

Directly over the bridge enter Mimbridge Meadow via the kissing gate, down four steps to your right. Follow the path alongside the riverbank, note all dogs on a lead through this field please. After 600 metres cross the river by the wooden footbridge and turn left along the riverbank until you reach another small boardwalk bridge entering the Bourne Fields.

Walk alongside the Bourne over the first culvert until you come to the “corral” and a second culvert, turn sharp right away from the river and walk with trees on your right hand side until you reach the culvert exiting the Bourne Fields. Take the path between two horse paddocks and follow the track. At the “T” junction with the bridleway turn right and walk to Seven Acres house, turn left and walk down Seven Acres track to the Chobham Road.

Cross Chobham Road onto The Triangle and follow the path for approx 65 metres, turn left at the marker post and follow the new path to Littlewick Road, cross the road onto Forge Common. Move over the ditch and follow the tree lined path to South Road. At South Road cross and dog-leg to the right and take path that runs parallel to South Road until it divides, keep left and exit the common onto Cheapside just beyond Horsell Rise, The Plough is 50m to your right.