Easy Access

Horsell Common has many areas that are accessible to all, from the elderly to people with disabilities to families with young children. Paths are generally not surfaced and may be very muddy, particularly during the winter. Many are suitable for use by adventurous families with buggies as diversions round muddy areas are relatively easy through the adjoining woods.

Some areas can be accessed on paths that are especially suitable for use by wheelchairs and buggies enabling easy access for many people.

The Bedser Trail Easy Access Path

An established purpose-built easy access path suitable for wheels (chairs and buggies) is available at The Bedser Trail on Woodham Common. This trail starts and finishes at the Monument Way car park and provides views of two bronze age barrows.

The path is a relatively flat woodland path with fairly free draining soils. The footpath is edged and is surfaced with a stone aggregate to make it accessible for all, a short stretch of boardwalk is provided near the canal.

Seating and informal resting places are provided along the trail.

Following the BT Countryside for All accessibility standards and the FieldFare Trust Guidelines the easy access Bedser Trail at Woodham Common has:

  • A hard and firm path surface with very few loose stones
  • A path with 1200mm minimum width, with no width restrictions
  • No barriers, no stiles, steps, fences, hedges etc., blocking the path; all ramp gradient of 1:12 maximum
  • A clear walking tunnel clear of overhanging or encroaching tunnel vegetation, and other obstructions should be a minimum of 1200mm wide and 2100mm high
  • Passing places every 100 metres along the path. The minimum width of the path should be 1500mm for 200mm along the length of the path
  • Resting places every 200m along the path. Each resting point should have a seat or perch which is placed on surfaced, level ground. Resting points should be set back from the path and, in addition to the path width, be at least 1200mm wide and 1500mm long
  • Footways and footpaths of a contrasting surface colour to their surroundings to assist blind and partially sighted people

Heather Farm Wetland Centre

Heather Farm (open to the public from 9th January 2016), has an easy access path that winds through the woods close to a wetland area home to many breeds of seasonal waterfowl. The wetland area is dog free with dog parking available near the dog-friendly Waters Edge café.

H G Wells Path (construction to start in 2016)

There are plans to provide a new easy access path to link the Shores Road car park near the Six Crossroads roundabout to the Sandpit where the Martians landed in H G Wells classic The War of the Worlds. Construction is scheduled to start in 2016 celebrating 150 years of H G Wells, 21.09.1866 – 13.08.1946.